Mission Statement: We aim to make your safety our priority.

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Conducting Safe Scaffolding Inspections in London with in M25 and across the country (UK) and within EU.

As a scaffold contractor/user or hirer it is your responsibility to ensure that all scaffolding has been inspected as follows:

-following installation / before first use
-at an interval of no more than every 7 days
-following any circumstances liable to jeopardise to safety of the installation i.e. high winds ,interferance by third parties.

We have a highly qualified team of CISRS Scaffold Advanced Inspectors on hand to provide quality scaffolding inspections and consultation services that your company or organisation may require. Our Scaffolding Inspectors and Consultants ensure that your scaffolding structures are safe, secure, and fit for purpose.

Ensuring Your Safety

Safeguard your company, employees, visitors and general public with scaffolding consultations and inspections from our company. We assure you that the work on your site complies with relevant health and safety legislation and all scaffolds meets with the agreed design criteria and the installation is a true reflection of the design.

Your safety is our business. Be safe, going Forward.

A Safe, Secure Site

As your first port of call for health and safety services, we cover all aspects of site safety training. Our experts offer scaffold  ties testing and a mark-up drawing service to take any hassle away from you. In addition, we offer independent scaffolding inspections and government high-security clearances. Our services are outlined as follows:

Health and Safety
• Independent Scaffolding Consultants
• Company Audits and Inspections
Scaffold Handovers
Contractor Safety Management
Harness Inspection and Awareness Training

As your first port of call for Health, safety, and environmental services, Forward HSE Services cover all aspects of our clients scaffolding needs. In addition we offer a wide range of services to our customers including government security clearance for inspections in high security buildings i.e. Police Stations and Diplomatic Buildings

Our Services are outlined as followed:

• Independent Scaffold Consultation
Site Surveys for Scaffolding
Basic and Advance Scaffold Inspection Services
Scaffolding Co ordinations
Scaffold Register Services
• Scaffold Anchor Tie Pull testing and
mark up drawings.
Scaffold hand over services
Site safety Inspections
Scaffold Design Consultation

• Contractor Management
Harness Inspections and user awareness
Scaffolding Manual Handling training
Accidents/Incident Investigation

Scaffolding and Harness Safety

Approved Codes of Practice

Specifically for Scaffold Inspection services, we follow the NASC Technical Guidance 20 (TG:20 13) and Safe Guidance 4 (SG:4 15) as well as other relevant Health and Safety Regulations. This ensures we prevent any accidents/incidents, falls from height that may be a result of non-conformance of scaffolding structure.

Proper Use of Equipment

To ensure the safety of your workforce, we cover harness safety. This ensures that, when the use of a harness is required, your workforce is aware of how best to secure a harness. Additionally, we carry out toolbox talks to make certain your employees are well-informed of the proper and safe way to carry out work.

Trust Our Expertise

We are a London based company providing complete, basic, and advance scaffold inspections. All scaffold inspections are carried out by competent staff whose combination of knowledge, training and experience is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold inspected. Our competence has been assessed under The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)

Obtain an In-Depth Consultation

Contact us today to discuss the individual needs for your company during a detailed consultation. Forward HSE Services will ensure the correct type of scaffolding is used and is safe for personnel and visitors. Our Inspectors make sure that the work on site complies with relevant Health ,Safety and Environmental legislation and other procedures .

Get In Touch With Us

Independent Scaffold inspections are the legal duty of the scaffold user and Forward HSE Services offer you expert support services to undertake the key duty on behalf of the clients ensuring that all scaffolding structures comply with National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) ,technical standards TG20:13 and safe guidelines SG4:15(preventing falls from scaffolding ).

Contact us today to learn more about the scaffolding services offered by our scaffolding consultants.